When a man/lady totally make up his/her mind from not showing his/her affection towards lover anymore, the first thing that comes into her/his mind is cease communication 100%

We all have reasons y we quit.
Its immature to quit when u know u still love him/her and u have not psychologically move on without giving on a fight to make up.

Its immature not to discuss ur feelings n depressed thoughts abt things d other persons does ….that drive u on and things that make u go crazy

Its immature to quit without trying all possible best to keep ur relationship going and letting d other person know how u hurt and how u still feel abt d relationship before u walk away

Y block him when u were unable to secure ur mental health? Am always furious

I tell my friends, clients and fans that who come for legal advise on: whether to divorce or walk out in a relationship, esp ladies that…..can u handle d mental state of ur mess aftermath,

If u can…..
Have u given the love a reason to fight for ur relationship for once

The ability to test waters on how to make things right is d strength of a lover who thinks the relationship isn’t what he/she expect thereon and the character of a partner not bin a good listener to d passive grieve of his/her spouse or lover is a weakness 100%

Only a coward and an immature with due respect will walks away without an excuse and communicating ur reason to d other…

I say something to myself…..a relationship where u can’t express ur thought maturely n peacefully without bin always criticised, blamed and nagged/shun, does not deserve ur commitments to the other

A relationship where u are not given d opportunity to express ur love, your need, your unhappiness, ur worries, ur visions, ur fears and tears doesn’t deserve ur love, care, fight, sacrifice, devotion,emotions and perseverance 100%

We all have reasons y we fall in love, reasons y being lovable n reasons y we keep loving another in courtship and our love and care is of no worth if the other partner’s character is not inestimable value.EDNAABLES