When it come to relationship , despite it all , at least once, u shd express how u feel to another……I learnt that from a client brief

Most times, we do things ignorantly and the other party don’t know it hurts. Communication is key, except you are shout to silence by the other via violence or something, then u may walk out in silence without compromise.

If you doesn’t express urself in a relationship, you will keep walking out of most sweet n ugly relationships without getting d satisfaction u deserve.

I remembered a client(thou a friend) story. Her husband loves to be on his laptop, tablet , phone gadgets for hours even when he is at home. The wife kept enduring n never said anything on how she felt abt d neglect thinking things is gonna get better. Years pass by, she got more irritated and in disgust she called me that she wants a divorce. My style is I don’t jst recommend to file a divorce petition without stylishly subjecting my client(friend) into counseling .On an occasion of visit, I ask her a question……have u ever for once discussed it with ur husband? she said ….. NO
I asked y
She said …..becos he is cheating on me and asking is a mere avenue for an excuse from him.

I lured her to give it a trial.
Little did I know that by the time she confronted him about it, she realised that her husband felt she was cool with him bringing work files home to treat even during weekends since she never complained, while all along his wife felt he had been cheating on him due to that neglect . she later called that she doesn’t need a divorce n issues all resolved.

I am not saying that walking away is wrong or right but my point is before you do, let it be on record u have at least once expressed ur hurt about his/her attitude you don’t admire. Even if u break up or make up later, such person may see reasons to amend esp if he loves u more and if he doesn’t then u walk away with no guilt in you.

Most divorce cases I see in court, during trial u realise that lack of communication begret a natural death in their relationship/marriage….EDNAABLES